Never wonder how much more fucked up it could get…


Yep…so ex hubby left yesterday morning for vacation..we talked Thursday night and I have the schedule from Feb 10th-Feb 20th as far as the kids go..mainly our ten year old and the hockey schedule.

So I worked last night, I was to call our son this am to check in…plan was I pick up at 5pm from either grandmas or dads (staying with 18yr old brother if there) So I call at 11am…get voicemail.

what’s new.

He says he’s going to a friends..I ask for a name and number of friend/parents…I hear grandma in the background giving the info to my son to give to me.  Ok then I will (as planned) see you at your hockey game at your game then go to my house tonight then bring you to grandmas house on my way to work Sunday.

I get a call at 3pm….

“Are you bringing me to hockey???”

Well apparently he thought he called his older brother.

It’s your mom…

“Oh, well…I didn’t go to my friends so I need a ride now.”

I’m thinking…”what the fuck is your grandmother doing and why can’t she take you now that the plans you and her and apparently your dad (via phone) made….that fell through.

I text grandma…

No reply…when I finally call because my kid has called me 48 times that I ignored due to him throwing a temper tantrum, I state I need to talk to the adult that has my child in her care..she goes on to tell me in her snotty voice, “you need to talk to …. because HE’S  the one to screw plans up!!!”


So I call  the ex…and I will bet my life he was wasted when he got a call from my kids friend asking if he could play…so what does drunk/clearly absent minded do? Calls the 10yr old and tells him he can go to a friends if he wants….

Never telling me any of this.

My son has called another 27times wanting to discuss the  situation…I refuse.  I clearly stated to him and his grandmother I will be at hockey, I will watch the game, I will be bringing him home tonight and I will drop him off at her place tomorrow morning before I go to work.

I can’t handle the disrespect from my kids, the lack of adult supervision/responsibility…it’s insane.

They are insane!

I am about at my wits end…I feel like I’ve lost my children to stupidity.

I feel like I might need to start over…and unfortunately at this point that may mean giving my children a choice.

You either follow the rules of my house and my expectations.

You treat me with respect.

Or you pull up your big boy pants you feel you wear…and let me know how that works for you in 20…30..years.

Because your killing me in the process.  It would be similar as being forced to give my children up for adoption..and living near by to see them every day…yet not know them.

My kids are my world…

And my world is crashing in on me right now.