Reflecting on love and relationships..

I haven’t written in awhile and I think I’ve had so much building up it’s time for a new post.

I’ve been doing so much reflecting it’s just crazy..

When we we got divorced it was such a whirlwind of chaos and looking back I feel we both gave up to soon..we didn’t fight for what we should and our family.

I don’t know any other couples whom after they divorce…(even during for us)..who through all the anger and hurt each caused eachother..still want eachother with great passion and understanding like we share.

I thought we each would part other people and start new lives.  That’s not fully the case for we are eight years after our divorce and still connected..

Sixteen years we share…sixteen years of history and history is what makes a relationship.  I hate being called the ex-wife…I despise calling him my ex-husband.  I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if we both didn’t care for eachother more than ex’s should..

I do know I have changed emotionally for the better, I still have my flaws, yet I know I’m heading in the right direction for me personally.. I am confused as to where to go from here….all I can think is go with the flow and what shall be will be in it’s due time.

Enjoy the moment and moments as they come between he and I…that’s what I’ve come to realize….time will tell.