Diaper vs Washing machine…and Batman.

Not that my day hasn’t been completely draining given yesterdays events with the ex-husband running into today.
I just went to switch loads of laundry…
My two and a half year old managed to put a pee diaper into the washing machine without my knowledge..
That gel shit is EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I ended up googling how to clean it up..as this is a first for me! It is going to take more time then I have this evening and more energy then I could even imagine to muster up.
As my son stands before me in his Batman costume he so badly needed to wear..it has me wishing for some super hero powers myself right now!
He sure is cute though.
Maybe it’s to make me forget that the last can of pop I had..I poured into a glass which my little Batman got ahold of, as we all know two is the age of endless spills, he managed to spill a full glass of Mt.Dew over the entire couch.
Did I forget to mention I get to work a double in the morning…
I think I’m buying a powerball ticket tomorrow, I’ve got to have something good happen and lord knows a financial miracle would be a great way to start..throw a trip to Key West in and boy would this girl be rejuvenated!
Batman just came running in with “Juuush” boxes, He says,”Mommy juuuush me juuuush!!!” It’s a CapriSun…guess there is my “vacation” down nostalgia lane from when I was a kid.
Vacation over, back to reality.
Oh yeah, damn diaper vs. washing machine dilemma..
Wish me luck.


(seriously thinking of changing my last name…jeeeeez)