Something I feel compelled to share which is going to be from my personal experiences as this global war/opiate war unfolds before our very own eyes.

I am a mother of four boys, I have always been an extremely hard worker, I do not take ANY political stand as I feel it’s a division within our society to fill agendas by dividing us against each other.

I was in a car accident in 2006 on the way to my divorce hearing resulting in a four level cervical fusion in 2008. In 2013 I was having pain at the lower level of my fusion (arthritic changes) and was sent to a pain clinic by my primary doctor under the impression that this was what was best for chronic pain management as told to me by my primary doctor.

The truth is he knew cuts were coming back in 2013. So we as chronic pain patients are sent to Federally approved Pain Clinics, offered opiates (percocet and morphine in my case) fentanyl patches, steroid injections and spinal cord stimulator implants. Now as your opiate dose is upped you are also pushed to do other forms of pain management  mainly steroid injections to stay on the program and continue to get pain medications. All while being under contract, urine testing, blood testing and pill counts.

Now the same Federally approved Pain clinics are the ones cutting all pain medications and the reason used first was, “addiction overdose deaths” now the chronic pain community is under attack. Pain medications are being cut at alarming rates and these patients are left with nothing, no direction and no mental health put in place. Literally are left to deal with the pain and severe chemical imbalances suddenly stopping opiates create. They are also cutting medications needed to deal with the anxiety and complex issues that are caused by long term opiate use as well as abrupt stopping of opiates. I know, I fired my pain clinic six months prior to all these cuts. I quit 195mg/day of opiates and let me tell you, there is nothing in place to help dependent patients, insurance will only cover “addicts/addiction” for detox. The same is happening to ANY supplement pain patients are finding relief in, Kratom for example, it’s a plant! This is one the DEA/FDA/CDC and our government is banning, stopping shipment of and making illegal across the nation as fast as they can. Leaving pain patients and those coming off and those with forced opiate cuts with very little relief. They go after anything that doesn’t benefit and line their pockets financially.

The pain community is trying to educate society, though the ones who do not understand are the same people, who are sitting in front of the television set watching and believing what they are being broadcasted. These are the same people arguing which political party is at fault among family and friends fighting and losing friendships due to politics…guess what they ALL ARE a part of this so called opiate war! And guess what, society is divided by these political fires that are continuously being broadcasted pointing the finger at everyone else to avoid accountability!

The people responsible for this global war are not the addicts overdosing nor is it the chronic pain patient community. The people responsible are the DEA/FDA/CDC and all politicians! The root issue is corruption, greed and money.


If we as a society look at the bigger picture rather than continually argue with one another and being divided we could accomplish so much more. Just look at any comment section in any Facebook post and it won’t take long to find the absolute disrespect among citizens. Instead we as a society have taken to belittling one another for having a different political belief, religious belief or by dividing  us by race. You can have an opinion though if you need to degrade, name call, belittle or become angry and end relationships due to a difference of OPINION, you should seek mental health care to focus on yourself. Seriously. Change comes one person at a time and few will actually do the work within to make a positive change. Do not let negativity and ignorance win.

We NEED to unite for the sake of humanity. Turn off the television and start talking to real people who are suffering during this crisis this is where you will find the truth…




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