Parents And Children’s Sports…

Here is good one for all of you. So I signed my five year old up for a six week soccer group though the city we live in. This is just for kids to learn the basics and in no way an advanced class. The first four weeks are teaching the kids simple moves and handling the ball. Now I have to say it was beyond hilarious to watch a group of college students try and keep the group focused and corralled in a sense. These kids were falling down left and right, playing tag, picking one another up, tickling each other, you name it they were all about having fun together!

As a parent sitting on the sidelines I’m watching and yelling out  occasional  words of encouragement for all of the kids I realized at one point, maybe it was because of the screaming by the other parents, I had to look around as  I wasn’t sure where the hell I was at  exactly. Was I at an adult Olympic soccer game and I missed the memo? Oh no wait, I was in fact at my five year old sons soccer session. I mean really, do these parents of kids in sports really need to constantly be yelling at their kid for every single god damn move they make? Because clearly their kid is going for the gold in six weeks. And watching those four college students have so much patience and so much  fun teaching our children the basics in this short time set a far better example of how adults should act in my opinion.

Prime example, tonight was the last night of my son’s soccer and it was parents against the kids! You know my son was so excited for a week, yes a whole week, to play against us parents! The excitement he showed was so wonderful to see, the pure joy only a child can offer! I was ready for this game and I was ready to have some fun!

One mother was like, “This is my workout for the night!” super pumped she was! Well this is the same mother who kicked the ball so hard she planted it right in the face of a five year old!!! Then her husband who she so strategically worked together with are passing it back and forth and he gives it a kick straight into the chest of a five year old almost knocking the poor girl over. I’m like what the actual fuck am I watching? Adults having high school flashbacks of being the fucking super star of their team? Christ I felt guilty having ten kids working their hardest to maneuver the ball and when it came to me there was no way in hell I would have given it my all when they just ran half the field, cheering each other on, using team work to pass it, so as a full grown forty-something ADULT could score on a five or six year old!

Don’t get me wrong, I do not think we need to baby these kids by giving them every goal but I’m adult enough to know that we are forty plus years old, we obviously can win a damn game of soccer against five and six year olds, some of whom this is the only six weeks they’ve ever played soccer, but is it really necessary for the adults to make it impossible for these children to win? It was heartbreaking to watch. I even made a comment I should join the kids seeing as the adults are being to competitive on them and this is supposed to be fun for them.

I asked the coaches during a break, how were the parents that played in the group prior to us? Were they like this? The coaches were in awe at how these parents were playing and not impressed to say the least. They actually had to tell the parents later in the game to let the kids at least get a goal. The group prior had a score of 5-10 and yes the kids won! That seems appropriate if you ask me. Our kids you ask? Oh the parents made it 2-2!  I wasn’t impressed one bit. Extremely pissed actually. The poor kids worked so hard and they didn’t even get to experience the excitement of making the goals as much as I felt they should have.  If you let them have fun and get excited about the game they will continue to be excited.  By the nature of the ages and players, on it’s own,the game will get harder naturally for them. Let them have fun for heavens sakes!

So to you parents that can’t shut your mouths or if you’re the parent that when playing a “fun” game with your child, you have to win and be so competitive at sporting events, go join a fucking sport yourself with children your own age.




Comments appreciated :)

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