Running out of batteries is never good!

I’m back! I apologize for the delay in posting..ran out of batteries to the keyboard. It’s been a helluva two weeks let me tell you guys. As usual nothing less then action filled to say the least!
Between dealing with the car accident, insurance issues, second spinal steroid injection, ex-hubby was in Hawaii the past ten days, an issue the first day he left with his mother and I..saw that coming a mile away! lol!
Yesterday I had the second steroid injection, they decided this time to cut the dose in half hoping to cut out the side effects seeing as they were awful for two weeks after the previous injection.
So far I feel like I’ve gotten half the relief, the steroid induced insomnia time cut in half, not quite as we shall see. I’ve given it quite a bit of thought and I have decided the minimal pain management with pain medication and injections as needed is the best route as long as possible. I will have good and bad days yet I pretty much know what to expect. During this time I can look further into laser therapy and disc replacement to see if these are other options for me. As I already know what the next fusion entails…and honestly, I am not ready to endure that along with the recovery and permanent repercussions.
That is what is on my mind today..




Comments appreciated :)

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