When it rains..it pours.

So yesterday I started my morning with a visit from Flo..cramps and all.  What a great way to start the morning…said no woman ever!  Hustle and bustle through the morning..get the coffee flowing through the veins..waiting until the last possible minute to get my two..almost three year old up and at em’ because that…..that is a flip of a coin my friends..you never know what your going to awaken in that little man! Some mornings it’s hugs and kisses and snuggles…others it’s nothing but crabby and defiant..and that’s even before he has opened his eye…sorta like me before coffee.

Well we made it out the door..he in a rather good mood..I get him to daycare and I am on my way to work.  Mondays I am alone as I can usually handle the bar/restaurant alone..unless that once in a great while five tables come in at once and a group of eight..then I’m screwed and as one regular says, “Some Mondays you run your ass off…others you are bored as hell!”  So I usually prepare for a “haul ass” mindset..then being slow is no surprise.

I’m half way to work when I’m approaching a red light, I’m in the right lane (still going about 30mph) as I get closer the light turns green, I accelerate passing the stopped truck in the left lane…I accelerate a little more to make sure there is enough room to merge into the left lane..I check truck is about a car length behind me..I turn blinker on and start to MERGE…when low and behold fuck face douche back thinks it would be wise to put his damn gas pedal through the floor board of his truck..at this time I’m already halfway in the lane as mine is running out and BAM…the mother fucker rammed the back and side corner of my truck!!!!  Who and why in the sam hell would in their right mind do such a thing?!!!!

I pull over..almost threw out my transmission for as fast as I stopped and parked my truck..I flew out in shock at this persons behavior that now smashed my truck!  I said, “what the hell is wrong with you?!!! Why would you accelerate to the point of hitting my truck when I was clearly in front of you and gave proper lane signals??”  He had the balls to say, “You ran into MY truck.”


I have to admit my fault in this is my insurance had been cancelled for nonpayment the week prior..I couldn’t pay $780 all at once..

I was terrified!  The first time ever that I had gone without insurance..the car is in my ex husbands name..that was a control tactic…he now will be signing the title over to me for me to insure…and he is keeping the loan payment and continuing to pay as part of child support.

Thank you for helping me, I greatly appreciate it..honestly.

So today when I woke up I had an email from (dick head that hit me) his insurance company giving me my claim number as they are claiming fault and are repairing my truck.

Thank heavens!!!!

I could never have afforded the $5-10g the repairs are going to cost.  I also believe the local officer understood it was road rage and gave me a break… along with the state trooper..because I believe I should have gotten a ticket or citation to show proof of insurance..

I didn’t get a citation.  I also believe the reason the officers did not issue driving citations is because then he/they would have been forced to ticket me..and I believe they knew his insurance would be liable given where I was hit.

I’m not sure if it was the thigh-high black boots or the obvious road rage and the guys behavior…he got a little bit of an attitude and the officer screamed at him to NOT yell at me what so ever..that got me out of that without a ticket…but god bless.

I read the paperwork and it did say if they found me liable for the accident and I didn’t have insurance at the time of the accident I would lose my license for 60days and have a fine of $270.00.  I would guess at this point the state will see the other driver is claiming responsibility..

Fingers crossed it works out that way.

So yesterday after the accident I ended up being 45minutes late for work…didn’t have a waitress for lunch..and I royally got my ass kicked slammed with customers from the time I got there until the time I left..

That was probably best as I didn’t have a chance to even think about it until I headed home..talk about freaked out to drive home!

Yet an amazing thank you to my step-mother…again…for being there when I needed help in an emergency and I thank her for allowing me to be fully honest (I called at time of accident to ask her to reinstate my insurance)..and she did without hesitation.

I feel like the past 6mos have been extremely trying and I am thankful for her understanding and help..makes it a lot easier to let go of our awful relationship when I was young.

Not many people would fork over $2500 in a moments notice..she did.

I will explain my phone call to her at 2am from jail this past Memorial Day weekend…..You guys will never guess what landed me there.

Stay tuned…..




Comments appreciated :)

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